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  • Besetzung: Saxophon SAX
  • Verlag: Firma Mds Schott Music Distribution
  • Stichwort: SCHULE
  • Artikelnummer: ED 13911
  • ISBN: 9781847614872
  • ISMN: 9790220137310
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From best-selling author, John O'Neill, The Saxophone Method is a complete course for the beginner to intermediate saxophonist. Start by mastering the essential foundation techniques of breathing, embouchure, tone production, and tonguing required to be a great player in any style. With a wide range of tunes from all over the world you will be exposed to a great variety of musical styles to motivate and inspire.
The mp3 backing tracks, available as free downloads, feature top professional musicians and will give you the feeling of playing in a great band from the very beginning.
The Saxophone Method is supplemented by two Repertoire Books to give you even more music to practice and enjoy, and perfectly compliments the Jazz Method for Saxophone.

By the end of the book you will be able to:

understand the fundamentals of good playing technique
have explored the full range of the instrument
be familiar with the most common rhythms
have a solid grounding in music theory
have the confidence to play with a real band in many different styles

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